Now Hiring - Bench Technician

We are now hiring for a bench technician at Davis Computers! If you are interested please call 541-523-0270 or stop by our office on main street.

Job title: Bench Technician and potential Onsite Service Specialist

Expectations and position description:

Must have excellent customer service skills along with exceptional written and verbal communication skills. Ability to listen carefully, gather details and provide concise, appropriate and practical recommendations. Follow-up communication with customer as needed keeping them well informed. Process documentation and following company procedures.

Bench work knowledge and skills required:

· Hardware and software diagnostic skills.
· Computer hardware assembling skills.
· Troubleshooting and problem solving skills
· Basic networking and network hardware knowledge.

Bench work duties:

· Diagnose issues, evaluate problems, troubleshoot faults, maintain service and upgrade
· Advanced data backup abilities and data recovery.
· Repair computers, laptops, tablets and many other devices.
· Usage of diagnostic software and virus removal tools.
· Removal of all types of malware and spyware.
· Build computers from parts.
· Upgrade or customize hardware, install and configure hardware, operating systems and software programs.

Pay will be commensurate with skill level. 90-day probation period. Supplementary skills may include high level hardware and network troubleshooting skills. Proficient in network administration, TCP/IP protocol and server administration and management. Ability to quickly isolate computer and networking issues with small business systems, routers, managed switches and other infrastructure equipment. Familiarity with wireless communications, WISP business equipment, Wi-Fi equipment, POE devices and VOIP Phones. Skills and knowledge with repair of cell phones, Apple and Android.